Monitors Documentation


Monitor type: Stats

Checks your Hosts' stats (health) and triggers alerts when thresholds are exceeded. You can set your own thresholds from the monitors panel.

stats monitor

Monitor type: Script

Create a script and use the output log to monitor a state when other monitor does not suit your needs. This is an example script to check if a bridge is running.

script monitor

Monitor type: API/WEB check

Sends a request to and endpoint and checks for an expected answer. Custom payload and custom expected responses are allowed.

request monitor

Monitor type: Process

Verifies that a process is running (e.g. daemon)

process monitor

Monitor type: File

A File monitor will upload a file to a server and ensure that the file remains as created in the destination path you provided. Most common use is to push a configuration file. The file can be updated at any time directly from the monitor box.

Monitor type: Nested

A nested monitor is a special monitor that contains other monitors. This kind of monitor will notify when all the contained monitors needs attention. You can create a nested monitor from the dashboard, using the "+" button.

nested monitor

Name your "nested Monitor" or copy an already created one. Add or remove the monitor you'd like to nest.

nested monitor setup

List monitors via API

Variables: customer: organization name

access token: menu => settings => credentials => Integration Tokens

curl -sS${customer}/monitor?access_token=${access_token}

Search monitor by name

curl -sS${customer}/monitor?access_token=${access_token} | \
jq -r --arg name "$monName" '.[] | select(.name==$name) | {"name": .name, "id": .id, "state": .resource.state}' | jq -s '.'

Show bot stats

curl -sS${customer}/monitor?access_token=${access_token} | \
jq -r --arg name "$botName" '.[] | select((.name==$name) and (.type=="dstat")) | {"name": .name, "id": .id, "stats":}' | jq -s '.'


"name": "demo",
"id": "5bb755f42f78660012bdd9af",
"stats": {
"cpu": 3,
"mem": 36.73548113271163,
"cache": 4.689083037753453,
"disk": [
"name": "xvda2",
"value": 84.84461326890819